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Ventura Lawn Care Companies - Who to hire?

Spring is upon us, leaves are budding and flowers are getting ready to bloom. The only problem?

You have zero time. How to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring and summer events - consider hiring a local lawn care company. In Ventura, and the surrounding areas in Ventura county, there are several companies to choose from.

Here are five tips to help you hire the best one.

Who has your potential new lawn care service company worked for in the past?

Online reputation sites like Yelp are great for reviewing the reputation of local company. But here's one thing many people don't realize...there are plenty of really great companies who have been around for several years, and the bulk of their clients are from referrals. Some companies are so busy from referrals that they are slow to the internet game. So don't discount a lawn service company strictly based on their online reviews.

Here's the deal,Referrals are still an amazing way to find a good, reliable lawn care service. Don't get us wrong; social media is great, especially if you are new in town.

But, even if you are new in town, remember that a great lawn care service provider will have zero trouble referring you to two or three of their current clients.

What services do they offer? Are they strictly lawn mowing, or do they offer tree care, pruning and other lawn maintenance options?

A key advantage of hiring a locally owned and operated lawn care service is availability and variety of service. As the summer gets warmer, the availability of large big box gardening services dwindles.

Pricing will always vary based upon what you want done. Hiring a small, locally owned and operated lawn service ensures that your gardener and crew are accustomed to the soil conditions and issues to look for, helping you to keep your lawn healthy and looking it's very best.

At a minimum, your quote should include:

Assessment of lawn and recommendations for improvement

Schedule of weekly or bi-weekly services

Insect and weed control


Extras, as requested, such as thatching, seeding or planting (perennials , shrubs, etc)

Seasons change, lawn needs change.

Keeping your lawn looking good, and keeping it healthy should be a year round investment. This will serve as a safeguard against pest invasion and diseases that might kill off your investment. Yard improvements, as well as the planting of certain trees and shrubs are more successful in the fall, or early spring. Budgeting for year round maintenance will allow you the flexibility to change up your landscaping and keep it fresh.

Licenses, Bonding and Insurance

Working with a licensed and insured lawn care service is protection for you as a homeowner.

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