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  • Jose Medina

Tree Trimming Service and Stump Removal

As a full service landscaping company, we make sure that your trees are in 'tip top" condition, healthy and looking good.

We offer Tree Service and Stump Removal Services as a part of the many things we do to help our customers yards are always looking their best, year round.

We take care of Palm trees, oak and walnut, exotic and fruit trees, as well as offer trimming and pruning services.

Seeking out the services of a tree professional is important when it comes to safety, especially if your trees are large, near power poles or close to electrical boxes.

Do it yourself stump removal can be a costly mistake. Many home owners are not aware of the risks associated with removing a tree properly. Consulting a tree professional can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary damage to buried cables, gas lines or sewer lines.

Our estimates are free. Give us a call. We're happy to help assess your trees, and provide complimentary estimates.

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