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Summer Landscaping Tips from your Ventura County Landscaper

Summer is the busiest season for all landscapers, including us. We want to make sure that managing your yard doesn't become overwhelming.

With California facing drought conditions, it might be time to consider a drought friendly landscape.

You don't have to give up your beautiful green grass completely, but adding some drought resistant foliage and Rock scape artistry can add to or improve your curb appeal.

Water restrictions have been implemented Statewide in California, but this doesn't mean that you are limited to watching your beautifully lush green grasses slowly fade away and turn brown.

Here are our suggestions for surviving the drought without sacrificing an eye appeasing front and back yard experience.

  1. Consider installing a Rock-scape with flower beds. Ground covers are excellent ways to conserve water, and can be an attractive option that you can change up based on the season of the year.

  2. California native plants - not only are native plants gorgeous, but they are your best bet for hardy, resilient foliage that will endure whatever climate conditions California throws at them.

  3. Masonry and Stone work

The right stone work, combined with a beautifully landscaped yard utilizing native plants is a win for your curb appeal, as well as your water bill.

These are just a few of the jobs we've done for our satisfied clients.

Hop over to our gallery of completed landscape jobs we've completed for many more examples and then give us a call for a consultation.

Keep cool this summer!


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