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Removing a tree stump; DIY or hire stump grinder services?

Removing a large tree can be expensive and if a tree stump is left behind, the hidden dangers involved are not what many expect, or anticipate.

Removal of a tree stump should be a priority for homeowners, and this is why; The stump can attract insects, including bees who may decide that the stump is the perfect place to set up shop, insects that can be hard to get rid of, and present a host of other problems, including growing back.

Many homeowners are faced with the difficult decision of removing a large tree for many reasons. More often than not, the trees roots have begun to disrupt the plumbing in the home, or crack the sidewalks and cement work.

Stumps also present problems when mowing the lawn, and even homeowners risks ( read insurance claims), if a small child or elderly adult were to trip and fall over the stump.

What is the benefit of hiring stump grinding services?

Stump grinders are professionals. They have invested in the knowledge and equipment to get the job done properly. We can't count the number of times that we've been called in to finish the work that a well meaning homeowner tried to do on their own.

In short, hiring a professional will save time, and aggravation, allowing the homeowner to focus on other things.

Stump Grinder Service Ventura County

How do we evaluate and provide tree removal and stump grinding services:

We ask these questions:

How large is the stump?

What type of tree was it? Based on the type of tree it is, we take things like hardness of the wood, and typical root systems based on the age of the tree into consideration.

What kind of preparation and clean up will be needed?

We provide all types of tree services, from tree trimming, pruning and shaping, to removal and tree stump grinding services in Ventura county. Give us a call for an estimate. 805-850-5364.


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